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Mobile Magazines impact the way people consume information

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Generally we spend more time accessing information from a tablet or our smartphones than we do from a desk top device. And that is a trend that is set to continue.

Now your magazines can take full advantage of this evolution.

Now your magazines can take full advantage of this evolution.

The technology makes it is possible for independent publishers, existing print magazine publishers and corporations to delivery engaging mobile magazines to a global market, direct to the reader no matter where they are, without the costs and limitations of print and surface mail postage charges. 

Partner with Uoomag, and we will do the heavy technical lifting for you, so you focus on quality content, that will continue to build a loyal following and client base.

Uoomag’s specifically designed mobile magazine templates which are optimised for smartphones are the ideal platform as it means the publication is with the subscriber were ever they go, and they can access the publication on the move, in their own time. 

It can be looked at as a “Pocket Magazine”.  Whenever the user has some free time, they can very simply read articles from their phone.   The page layout is designed to make full use of the small screen on a smartphone, so that it is easy readable without the need to zoom in. 

The design incorporates vertical page scrolling and sideways flipping through pages in a logical order.  All links are active, so when the subscriber is connected to the internet, they can access links which can take them directly to e-commerce web sites for easy online shopping.  With pre-agreed terms, sales commission on these web site purchases are credited back to the publication as an additional revenue source.